Want The Secret? Control Your Mind - Control Your Self-Talk - Control Your Life

Guru this and guru that … the only secret to getting anything you want in your life is simply control your mind – control your thinking – control your self talk.

If you cannot control your mind – you cannot expect to control your life.


Simply this … what goes on in the mind – goes on in your life. It is basically a mirror. So within … so without.

You mind is a simple device. It records and plays back. So … if you are programming good thoughts you will get desired things. If you are programming less than positive … you get less than positive.

You do this with your thoughts … your self talk.

What you say to yourself matters. It is a COMMAND. Your obedient mind will deliver. “Your wish is my command”.

Some examples of less than positive self-talk would be:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I’m not strong enough”
  • “I’m not thin enough”
  • “That is just not me”
  • “How stupid am I?”
  • “knowing  my luck … “
  • “I could never do that …”

Fill in the blanks … “I’m just not _____ enough”.

How about wealth? Do you think it affects your wealth? Up bet it does. “I never can get ahead”.

So there are several ways to control your mind. I will name a three that I have posted about.

1. Follow The Power of Now and feel your inner being at all times. This keeps your mind focused on you … and not wandering with uncontrolled thoughts. This is easy to do. I have done it and continue to do it. It is fantastic and it has many other benefits to your life.

2. Third eye meditation … or as in The Power of Now – focus on something on your body. In this case – you keep a portion of your awareness on the third eye. It has some amazing benefits and it feels good too.

3. Use an altered consciousness state via meditation. I recommend this because it helps you control your mind at all times. You need to quiet your mind and focus on no thought. I personally life to use both 1 and 2 for the meditation. They both feel fantastic. I also use the Silva Mind Control method which is another fantastic method to learn/use.

4. Self-talk and affirmations. You need to control your self-talk. You want to improve something in your life – this is a must. You cannot do other methods and then have negative self-talk. It will defeat the good you are trying to bring about.

A couple of very good resources for Self-talk are Bradley Thompson’s Self Talk Series. These are CDs that you listen to several times a day … and they reprogram your mind. It is a very simple way to reprogram. All you need to do is listen 2-3 times a day and within a short period of time you will notice changes.

Another great resource is Shad Helmstetter’s best selling book “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself”.

But the key to all of this is … control your mind … control your thinking … control your self-talk.

If you can do that  (AND YOU CAN) … you can change anything about your life.

Beware … you have programmed your life … all your life … so to reprogram … you need to consistently use REPETITION to reprogram. It will take less time that what you have done to this point in your life … but it will take time.

Do it.


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