Try The Baby Step Approach To Achieving Your Goals

Just got my black belt in karate last week. It was a nice accomplishment for me. But it demonstrates a huge life lesson.

The lesson is a simple one that slips past most people.

It is simply this … take action toward your goals consistently.

Now, I will admit this to you. I did not have a goal to become a black belt. Sure, I thought someday it would happen. But that was not my real goal.

My real goal was be the best I could be at karate (or anything) everyday. To improve each day.

I call it baby steps.  Baby steps are tiny little steps in the right direction toward your ultimate goal.

Baby steps are simple … breakdown your goal into something, that if done consistently, will ultimately get you want you want.

In my case – it took 6 years to achieve my goal.

Can you focus on some consistent action daily (or whatever period of time) consistently to have it realized? Sure. Anyone can.

Take the baby step approach. Another thing about the baby step approach is this … when you were learning to walk as a baby – you likely fell down many times. Some of those times you may have even got hurt and cried. But guess what … you didn’t quit. You kept at it. You got back up and tried again. Maybe not immediately – but you did try again.

You were not afraid. You just did it. You did not know what being afraid of failure even is. Failure did not occur to you at all.

After a while you get programmed. You know what failure feels like and sometimes you quit. Some times it is just too hard to get results.

Well my friends, if you had that attitude when you were a baby … you would never have walked.

Sometimes it takes a while. If you want something bad enough you must never quit. “Quitters never win and winners never quit.” I am sure you are a winner.

I really don’t care what it is you want in life … but I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can have it. But you are going to need to put in consistent mental and physical efforts.

You need to do your part. Embrace the baby step approach. You simply cannot fail.

It is all attitude.

All you need is the right attitude and daily, consistent activity that takes you in the direction of your goal.

I strongly recommend you make a daily ritual of meditation, visualization, and the many resources available from this site to get what you want.

I have made several recommendations and have several reviews of some wonderful products that can surely help you.

Feel free to send me a note if you have some questions. I may be able to recommend something that can best fit your needs.


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