The Super Mind Evolution System Review

Being someone dedicated to helping people get what they want, I acquired The Super Mind Evolution System. I looked around to find some useful information to help with the decision to buy this product or not and could not find any honest information. So here is my official The Super Mind Evolution System Review.

Ever since I first read Joseph Murphy’s hit book “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” I have had a passion for discovering and applying mind power to improve my life and the life of others. I have spent an enormous amount of money on my passion.

Well on thing led to another, in fine law of attraction fashion – for me to get this program. It is my intent that you gain some insights into this product – to see if it makes sense for you.

The authors, Ian Legg and Phil Busbridge, have provided a phenomenal amount of information. The version I bought came with 24 ebook reports and 20 mp3 audios – for immediate download.

I can assure you that it will take you sometime to get through all this information. In fact, you may never actually get through it all.

Why? It is not because the information is not useful, it is because you get so much information for your dollars – in so many different areas of your life, that you may not ever get to it … because you are working on what you want to improve.

The information, especially around the scientific research is very eye opening. But the interesting thing is … you have the power to make them work (bet you did not know you are so powerful?).

The Mental Pendulum was something I found very interesting and useful. I am working at making this work for at the time of writing. It basically allows you to get answers from your inner being on whatever you ask. Most folks using pendulums or dowsing rods for this today – but you get a lot of funny looks from people when you pull out your pendulum to get answers when you are out in public. Much more discrete to using the mental version. Thanks Iain.

As I am a huge fan of The Silva Method, as are the authors, this was a great extension of my previous learnings. I have successfully used subjective communication in many instances in the past and the results are very impressive. I actually had to halt one little experiment as it was leading to an unwanted result(sorry I am not going to reveal the experiment). But the techniques can be used for your advantage if applied correctly.

The audios are excellent – and the voice used is very good. I know this doesn’t seem to get mentioned much, but in the past, I have bought audiobooks and just had a difficult time with the information because the voice used sounded bad to me. The voice here is very good.

This product is useful for anyone who would like to harness the power of their mind to get a better life. Once you learn the skill you can apply repeatedly for any area of your life. It is very freeing and you are only limited by your imagination on how this can improve your life.

I would coin as the old saying “you can catch someone a fish … or teach them how to fish”. This is definitely using new skills that we all have and it doesn’t take long to apply.

The first time I used subjective communication it worked. So, once you learn it – apply it. That is the key. Don’t just apply once and take score. Apply daily and take note on what is working and what is not working. Have fun with it.

Of course, Iain and Phil have a full money back guarantee if you are not absolutely thrilled with the information.

So that is it. I recommend this product. It has a tons of useful information and techniques to improve your life in every area.

Just make sure you apply the information daily. Repetition is needed for any new skills.

Discover what The Super Mind Evolution System can do for your life.

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