The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review

My Impressions

I took the instant download option (I hate waiting for information). Once I received the product it was quite apparent that I was not going to breeze through the information quickly. There is a ton of information.

I found the audios easy to listen to – Dr. Robert Anthony uses easy to understand language at a good pace.

The lessons where broken down into manageable chunks (I do not think one lesson was over 30 minutes) which was good for me for time and attention reasons. I added up the total audio program to be over 5.5 hours of interesting information.

I found myself agreeing with the information – perhaps intuitively, the lessons felt true?

Did It Really Help Me?

Strangely, this program helped me lose my job … it’s okay … it is what I wanted. I actually wanted this for a long time. Well, I can say I removed by blocks and now I have a new reality (scary).

This is not a program you use once and stop. This is a new life skill that you can use at any time to get what you want.

You will find some things seem to take longer than others. This is normal and natural … and part of our evolution.

You Might be Surprised

I found the explanations around how the universe to be very enlightening. Depending on your level of knowledge – you may be very surprised at what he tells you and how it affects how you perceive your universe.

I found the Instant Self Hypnosis to be very affective. I am a huge fan of self hypnosis and use it daily for various things in life (I most recently used it to remove warts from my feet). Use the Instant self hypnosis to remove your blocks. This alone will speed up your deliberate creations.

Who Should Use This Product

I think anyone can benefit from this program, unless … you are 100% happy with your life all the time.

But I will say this … if you buy this product and you do not apply his system – you are wasting your money.

This program is for people that want to change their life for the better … and are willing to do what it takes to make changes.

Anything Missing?

I cannot find anything that I think was left out of this product. Now that Deliberate Creation Instant Self-hypnosis is part of the package, I think they covered everything needed to deliberately create what you want.

So … How Fast Can It Work?

You can download the information today and start getting results. However, depending on your background with the law of attraction, some may see progress faster than other. Don’t forget there over 5.5 hours of information. So once you really get it – you should be able to apply the concepts for deliberate creation.

Dr. Robert Anthony does explain that things do take time. Using the Instant Self Hypnosis part of the program will help eliminate blocks fast for you. You need to be aware of the blocks in order to remove them.

What You Need To Make It Work

You do not need any prior knowledge or skills to make The Secret of Deliberate Creation work for you. In my opinion, not having any practical experience with the law of attraction could be an advantage. The reason is we are all programmed with experiences and beliefs … and they do not always serve you. The good news is, if you do have blocks/resistance – the program shows you how to remove them.

The main thing to making it work for you is this … do it daily. Just do it.

My Beef

My only problem with the program is not with the program itself. It is with all the bonuses. I wish they would just stop adding all this extra stuff. It is not needed. As a bonus there is over 1,000 pages of ebooks. I am just not that interested. I bought the information for The Secret of Deliberate Creation not the 9 bonuses.

Recommend or Not?

I recommend this program.

If you do indeed apply the information as specified, you will get results. You will be able to get more of what you want.

There is a lifetime guarantee on this product … which speaks volumes about the confidence and quality of information.

Here is the official The Secret of Deliberate Creation with Instant Self Hypnosis site.

Check it out and see for yourself if it can help your life.

As the good Dr. says … it will work … just like gravity. It works every time.