The Secret of Deliberate Creation and Instant Self Hypnosis

I just found out the Dr. Robert Anthony has released a revised version of his best selling The Secret of Deliberate Creation. He has added Deliberate Creation Instant Self-hypnosis.

Now I own The Secret of Deliberate Creation, I think it is a phenomenal product. But when you add in an additional Instant Self Hypnosis component …. this becomes a very effective product … if applied.

The original product has over 5.5 hours of mind altering audio education. The Instant Self Hypnosis is to instantly remove what is blocking your desires.

I am a huge fan of self hypnosis. I have used it successfully for so many things. The applications for using self hypnosis are endless ( I recently used it to remove a wart from my foot).

The reason self hypnosis is so effective is the message gets directly to your subconscious mind – which controls your life.

Dr. Robert Anthony is a guru’s guru. His credentials are extremely impressive.

He knows how to help you get what you want – he knows the secret.

One thing that impressed me about Dr. Robert Anthony and The Secret of Deliberation Creation is he stands behind his products … for a lifetime!

He even provides a “Quick Start”  program that will guide you how to manifest the investment for the course.

He lays it out with clear language – easy to understand and apply. If you follow his scientific system … to getting precisely what you want … in any area of your life … you will get results.

The product is packed with information. Too much to really understand all the pieces thoroughly on first listen. The best way to use this product is to go over it several times. Don’t wait to Deliberately Create your new life, but start, listen to the information daily and do your manifesting daily. You can refine over time.

I know his program works, cause I have used it. It will work for you as well. It has to … it is universal law.

As the good Dr. says … it will work … just like gravity. It works every time.

Here is the official The Secret of Deliberate Creation site.

Check it out and see if it makes sense for you.

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