NLP Secret Review

One of my readers told me about a course called The NLP Secret. I went to the website and thought it would be a useful tool – if it lived up the sites claims. So, here is what I think of the course.

By the way, this is a review. Click this link for the  official The NLP Secret site.

This course is an audio recording that is shipped to your door. The entire course totals up 35 minutes – give or take a few seconds.

Now my initial reaction was … this entire course is only 35 minutes! How in the world can I learn and apply life changes with only 35 minutes of content?

Well I will answer that in a second. Keep reading.

I have read several NLP books and listened to several audios as well. I am no expert on NLP. In fact, I find NLP to be very difficult to understand and apply. I also know that if something is difficult to learn and apply, I will not likely stick with it. I basically wrote NLP off as a technique too advanced for me at this time.

The official website The NLP Secret promises to instantly change your life … which is a bold claim. This is one of the reasons why I bought it though.

The NLP audio is broken into 3 tracks and includes 5 exercises. You are to do the exercises while you are listening. The audio and voice are well presented and easy to listen to in one sitting.

What I found surprising is I did indeed notice changes immediately. I could feel a difference in me. It took only seconds.

Now I have used a similar technique with my kids every once in a while when I think they need a little attitude adjustment – but this NLP technique goes beyond my parental way with my kids.

The very surprising thing is the change sticks. I have had to re-do every once in a while, but that is normal. Essentially we are changing our habits and sometimes habits are very hard to change.

I used the NLP technique for self confidence. This seems to be an area troubling me all my life. There are many other areas that I will use with this in the future when they arise.

This product is for anyone who wants to improve anything in their life – whether it be self confidence, shyness, approaching women (or men), anxiety, pain, boredom, feeling trapped, athletic performance, feeling your are not good enough … etc.  You name it. You can change it with this hidden technique.

Who this product is not for is those people who think this is a magic pill and all they have to do is listen and their life will magically transformed forever with zero effort. Hate to break it to you … if you want change in your life – you are going to consciously have to put in the effort. You have to do the exercises. You have to identify what you want to change and then do the transformation exercise. You might have to do it more than once per issue.

I used it for boredom and it worked well. I used it for depression and feeling lost or trapped – for instant changes. I used with putting my fingers to my mouth and playing with my eyebrows (little habits that bother me).

What I did not like about the product  … in this day and age where people utilize the internet for instant information … why do they physically need to ship this information? The good news is shipping is free and the package arrived way ahead of expectation.

The other part I think is lacking is a starter list of common things that this technique has worked for. I suppose the authors are leaving it up to us since we all seem to have our own issues. So, you will need to identify your issues that you want to improve. No biggie, but I thought it would be a nice add in.

The key to making this product work is being aware and taking control of you. You have the power, you just might not realize it.

Neuro linguistic programing does not have to be difficult and making change in your life does not need to be difficult either.

One last thing, of course there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in any way, in fact, it comes with a 200% money back guarantee. I like a product where the author stands behind the product.

Finally, I recommend this product.

Here is the official site The NLP Secret … give it a read and see if it makes sense to you.