Sleep Programming Review

One of the first things I get asked is … does subconscious programming really work. Kind of makes my smile. Of course it works! We are all programmed – since we were born (before actually). I just try and guide you to deliberately program your life instead of letting things just happen. Anyway, enough with the preamble. Here is my Sleep Programming Review.

There are two really great times in the day to program your subconscious mind: first thing in the morning and as you go to bed. These are natural times when you are going to be in an alpha brain wave state. It is not my intention to teach you everything about the alpha brain wave for subconscious programming, but it is one of the easiest way to program your life.

What this Sleep Programming program does for you is take advantage of when you are going to sleep and actually while you are sleeping. Basically you listen to CDs or MP3s as you drift off to sleep and continually throughout the night (as long as you put the CD/MP3 on repeat).

The messages then sink into your subconscious mind without any interference with your conscious mind. This is vitally important. Your subconscious mind takes your orders and implements them. It is your obedient servant. The problem is your conscious mind is on guard and may not agree with your orders. So, when the conscious mind is not listening … slip in some new orders and before you know it – you have a new program installed, working for you all the time.

That is the power of this program.

What you get is 16 Sleep Programming CDs/MP3s covering the following areas: Ideal Weight, Inner Genius, Self Confidence, Dream Answers, Business Success, Relationship Booster, Increase Self-Esteem, Super Lucky, Learning Faster, Assertiveness, Feel Motivated, Speed Thinking, True Freedom, No More Stress, Waking Up Feeling Great and Think Positively.

Each CD/MP3 has a brief introduction and then a sleep induction. They then proceed on with the sleep programming which is a series of messages specific to the CD/MP3. All the while gentle, soothing music and binaural beats are playing to help with the programming.

The key things I learned is it is really one of the easiest ways to program your mind. All I really need to do is press play and drift off to sleep. It really is effortless.

My wife is not as keen as I am on self improvement … so I had to go with listening with headphones on. It was not as bad as I thought. I got used to the headphones quickly. Occasionally I will wake up in the night and notice that a ear plug has come out of my ear so I have to put it back in. Other than that, I have no issues with listening with my iPod.

If you have young kids and are using the ear phone method make sure you can still hear your kids in the night (i.e. set the volume so you can hear both).

I choose the download option as I would rather listen with my iPod. It took some time as the files were rather large, put at least I got them the day of purchase.

This product is useful for anyone who wants to change some aspect of there life in the areas of at least one of the 16 provided programs. In today’s age – we are all extremely busy and often do not have the time during the day to consciously make changes. That is where this program fits in. Use it when we sleep. Typically we sleep one third of our life. That is one third of the time you could use to improve your life as well.

For those who do sincerely want to get more out of life I recommend you take a close look at this product. It does come with a full one year money back guarantee if you are not thrilled.

I will also recommend you listen to one program a night until you really feel the difference. Is my confidence improving or how is my ideal weight program coming along? Try not to listen to a different session every night. Even though it is working, you might be spreading yourself to thin to actually notice the change.

One thing I have learned is this key point … it takes repetition to program your subconscious. You have been programming your subconscious since you were in the womb – don’t expect to be totally changed overnight!!! It takes repetition!!

Discover what the Sleep Programming can do for your life.

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