Mind Control Techniques - Autosuggestion

Thought I would address some Mind Control Techniques – starting with Autosuggestion.

If you want to get more of what you want out of life – you need to control your mind. I live by this little quote “you either control your mind … or your mind controls you”.

If you are like most people, controlling your mind is pretty much impossible. It is constantly popping in thoughts – maybe working overtime – hyperactive imagination – negative thoughts – self-talk, etc.

Do you know where thoughts come from? Have you ever really thought about that?  (sorry side topic).

Wouldn’t it be amazing to command your mind to go to work and get you what you want? Instead of all this non-focused mind chatter – your mind could be harnessing the law of attraction to get your desires.

We’ll given the choice … I am going to opt for getting more of what I want.

So … how do you do it?


What is autosuggestion anyway? It basically you suggesting something to … you. Deliberately. It is an affirmation.

The way I like to use autosuggestion is with simple plain language. The fewer words the better.

For example … I know what I want. Lets say it is to earn $10,000 a month to support me and my family. What I would do is shorten this longer sentance to be $10,000 a month … or maybe just $10k.

I know what $10k means. I can say it over and over and over again … like a mantra.

Why do this? When you say your mantra … it is a reminder to you to get into the right mind set – to attract what you want.

So … when I say $10k … I am changing my thoughts and feelings to having $10k a month.

So … the big key here is to change your feeling. You want to start thinking about how wonderful the $10k is for you – what it will do for.

Just saying $10k and getting no feeling is an empty – almost wasted effort. The real power is changing your feeling. Change to the feeling of having!

So … when you mind goes off on whatever tangent it goes off on … bring in your little mantra and take control of your mind. Deliberately control your thoughts with your mantra and this will deliberately change your feelings which will deliberately change your attraction.

Now … spend time daily – using repetition to reprogram your subconscious mind. Take charge. Do this consistently and do it often.

When do you stop? When you get what you want.

Beautiful isn’t it?

Here is a great resource that makes it even easier … check this out.  It takes autosuggestion to the next level.


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