Manifest a Miracle Review

I picked up How to Manifest A Miracle ebook, audio and video product. Here is my thoughts on this course.

Initial Impression

I love the simplicity of this book. The Law of Attraction is no longer a secret, but Gary has done a great job of creating processes that help align us with what we desire.

What is provided is an 60 page ebook, audio and 14 videos. Inside are 11 different processes to help you align with what you want.

Like to Feel Good?

I can tell you that this program does a very good job of invoking feel good activities.

I mean, isn’t this the whole purpose of manifesting anyway? We want things because we think they will make us feel better … the irony is things do not make us feel good for too long, but this program – you deliberately make yourself feel good anytime you want.

A Great Reminder

The biggest thing I re-learned from this book was you can still manifest what you want by just feeling good and not focusing on what you want. In the past, I was way too attached to what I wanted and really had a contradiction in my vibration that would not allow what I wanted to come to me.

Now … I ask, let the universe do its thing and let go. I focus on other things that feel good … and it works.


The processes Gary provides are very useful and effective. I really like the idea of mixing and matching the processes to come up with my little customized way of doing things.

Gary provides 11 processes that you use daily to … manifest what you want.

Who is Suitable For This Product?

Who this product is for is anyone who does not have what they want (that would be about everybody). I would say it you are completely new to the Law of Attraction and are skeptical then this may or may not be for you.

On one hand, the information is good and the formula works – so having no prior knowledge could be to your benefit as you will have less preconceived ideas on how the world works.

I know when I first heard of the Law of Attraction I had to gradually build up my belief system to come to the point of belief – that yes – law of attraction works – everytime.

If you are skeptical on the law of attraction I recommend this program for you for two reasons. One, the information is clear and if you follow it – it has to work. Secondly, Gary is there for you. He wants you to succeed. He has offered to personally help anyone who is not getting what they want after a certain period of time.

Just How Quick

This product can start working for as soon as you have reviewed/listened and watched the material and deliberately applied it. You will not likely see what you want appear immediately – there is a lag time involved with the law of attraction. If you do the daily processes you could see results quickly. Mind you, it all depends on you. I recommend you take score and hold yourself accountable.


Manifest a Miracle system is a good product with good information. It has everything you need to get what you want.

All you need to do is read, listen and watch the material and then apply – DAILY.

The real key with this system (and with anything) is applying what you have learned daily.

Here is the official Manifest A Miracle site.

Check it out for yourself and decide to change your life now by applying the law of attraction.