How To Change Your Life

Would you like to know the secret of how to change your life?

Firstly, you are the creator of your life experience. Whether you are creating your life experience consciously or unconsciously is the question. Most people create unconsciously.

Are you doing anything deliberately – each and every day – to create an improved life experience?

Are you doing it consistently every day? Is it a ritual for you? Is it a habit – like eating breakfast? Do you make it an ESSENTIAL part of your day?

If you are not making it an ESSENTIAL part of your day, you might just not be happy with where you are with your life.

If I told you that if you did something each and everyday – as you do with eating (for example), and you did it the right way – that you are guaranteed to change your life – would you do it?

If I told you all you had to do was spend a small amount of deliberate time each and everyday – to deliberately improve your life  – would you do ?

If I told you that all you had to do was put forth a little bit of effort (easy effort) that is in no way stressful, physically tiring or harmful in anyway … and if you did this in the correct way that you cannot NOT get what you want … would you do it?

I know the answers are surely “YES YES YES”. Yet so many people will buy books or information that tells them what do to … to improve their life and you know what … they don’t do it.

Why wouldn’t they do it? I am talking about getting everything and anything you want. Why would you not follow through with the information?

Well from my experience and feedback it comes down to a few factors. Firstly, most people are lazy. I actually have to do something? I actually have to put forth some effort to change my life? It is going to take a month to change my life? That is too long. I have been living this way for 30 years and it will take at least a month to change my life … that is way to long. PLEASE!! Excuses are for the weak.

The other major factor is belief. You really do not believe you can change your life. You are trapped in a situation and the information provided does not seem real enough to have you buy into the process of change.

Maybe you have tried things in the past and they did not work out. Or maybe your friend or family member tried something and it didn’t work for them.

Well, let me go back to the first line in the note … YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE. Yes you do. You can choose to make it work for you or against you. You can choose to believe (or suspend disbelief) or you can say that just won’t work. Your choice.

The way I see things is like this … everything takes you closer to want you want … or further away … you decide which way to go.

So when information is available to change you life … and it looks like a logical direction to go … it is taking you closer to your desire … then take action.

But take action for at least 30 days – consistently. You need to do your work – which is do daily actions and be positive about it. Do not doubt it will work for you.

Doubt creates. Doubt creates exactly what you think. If you doubt it will work … presto – it will not work. If you have positive expectation – presto – it will work.

Suspend disbelief. Drop all thoughts of doubt. YOU are powerful. Every thought you think is creating your life. Think doubt – that is what you get. Think it will work – that is what you get.

You must control your thinking!!!!! You must BELIEVE. You must change your habitual way of thinking and change your subconscious mind programming.

Now … go out and change your life. I recommend The Secret of Deliberate Creation. It is wonderful and thorough … and guaranteed.

Take a read of  The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review …   Take a peek and take action.

What more do you need?   Let me know.

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