Beliefs - The Real Secret of Subconscious Mind Power

I’ll get right to the point … belief is a huge factor in deliberately creating your reality. If you want something, but truly belief you cannot have it … you will not likely get it.

If you are desiring something and belief it will not happen – that would be called wishful thinking. It is a wish. Your doubts will not allow it to come. The law of attraction responds to your vibration – which is doubt – and delivers exactly what you asked for and believe you will receive.

So one major key in deliberately getting more of what you want is to change your belief. If you could squash your doubts that would improve your manifestations wouldn’t it?

Well the good news is you can change your beliefs. I have told you about the Belief Buster Kit before which has worked very well for those who apply it.

However, today I am delighted to point you to another proven and powerful resource … it is called the Belief Secret.

What is exciting about this is the name Claude Bristol. For those who study the law of attraction or subconscious mind power (like me) you will immediately recognize the name. He is even mentioned in the hit movie “The Secret” as one of experts from years ago. He authored a book in 1948 called The Magic of Believing.

If you are getting mixed results (or no results) with deliberate creation techniques … read on.

Investigative journalist Claude Bristol did a huge amount of research on why some people seemed to have a magical, easy life while others struggled — over 60 years ago.

He spent years investigating “manifestation,” prayer, lucky charms, “thoughts are things” and other powerful principles. And he uncovered something amazing.

He found something else behind it all: The TRUE SECRET behind The Secret.

Today, his 1948 work has finally been reprinted.

And it’s just been published online:

CLICK ABOVE and check it out. You might just be amazed.

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