Belief Buster Kit Review

Picked up this course a while back. Thought I would tell you about it. So here is my official Belief Buster Kit Review.

First off, I am passionate about mind powers and I know without a shadow of a doubt (bad word) that beliefs have enormous power.

If you can change your beliefs, you can empower yourself to get more of what you want. That is why I picked up this course.

So, here we go …

The author, Aine Belton, has provided a workbook and a guided meditation to help you identify and replace/install beliefs. She includes a bunch of bonuses as well which are unnecessary (I am not a fan of gratuitous bonuses – why do these marketers always include bonuses??).

I went through the workbook which contains 20 exercises to identify non-empowering beliefs. I had no idea I had so many limiting beliefs! On the surface I knew exactly what beliefs I wanted to change, but I identified many more that are blocking my good.

The key things I learned are that many of our beliefs are unconscious to us … and to make changes permanent, we need to change them at the unconscious (subconscious level). When you change at the subconscious level, the change is achieved much quicker.

I thought the meditation was excellent – very relaxing and very useful for reprogramming your mind.

This product is useful for anyone who wants more out of life. If you already happy, at peace, enlightened … this course will not likey make a difference in your life. There is work involved. You must do the exercises and apply repetition to make changes in your life. If you are not prepared/committed to make changes – don’t waste your money. It is not a magic pill.

For those who do sincerely want to get more out of life I recommend you take a close look at this product. It does come with a money back guarantee if you are not thrilled.

I will also recommend you commit to doing the exercises daily.The key to making changes is consistent repetition!!

I say this to my kids when tell me they are not good at something “You didn’t learn to walk your first try. You fell down. You got up. You fell down. You got up”.

You get the picture.

Discover what the Belief Buster Kit can do for your life.

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