Are Subliminal Messages Legal?

There is so much controversy surrounding subliminal mp3s right now. In the last couple of years they have been big news..

Firstly fast food chain McDonalds were accused of flashing a one frame message of their logo on the Food Network TV channel. Then it was George Bush in the public eye for, using political subliminal messages during his his election campaign.

It is a shame, but even despite being highlighted in the media like this, both George Bush and McDonalds were able to walk away untouched.

George Bush simply ignored the allegations and eventually they went away, and McDonalds claimed it was just a programming error rather than a purposeful subliminal advert. No further investigation ever pursued either Bush or McDonalds – sadly.

It is clear that more should be done to monitor and control the use of subliminal messages and how they are used, but going back to the original question of whether they are actually illegal or not then:

No subliminal messaging isn’t illegal.

They are not allowed to be used within advertising in the way that you can’t use purely subliminal sounds, or flashing subliminal images / words.

However the rules are harder to judge for just a “subliminal suggestion”.. A subliminal suggestion is usually an image which at first glance looks normal, but on further inspection there is a subliminal link – typically linking a product to sex within the buyers mind. Typical examples of this can include somehow placing the word “sex” within the imagery / background of the advert, or something as simple as having a beautiful girl holding / using the product – Coca Cola for example often use this female imagery for example, even down to the very fact that their bottles are shaped to mimic the body of a woman.

Beneficial Ways To Use Subliminal Audio

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